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January 3, 2015

This About Marilyn is just a brief note to thank all the readers of my blog and to update some of you.  The last two days of October and the first four days of November found me at a local hospital with a severe case of pancreatitis.  During the six days I was there I read a total of four pages on my Kindle.  I simply could not keep my eyes open to read.  Every few hours I would pick up the Kindle and try to read a chapter, but it was no use.  It actually took more than a week after I returned home before I could read more than four or five pages a day.

Perhaps some of you noticed that I missed two consecutive weeks of blogging–there are no reviews on November 1st or November 8th.  I returned home from the hospital on November 5th, which explains why there was no post on   November 1st.  For the following week I was simply exhausted and was sleeping sixteen to eighteen hours a day.  Honestly, writing a review or even uploading one I had written in advance (I usually have two or three written in advance) was beyond me.  Of course, it’s ironic that the backup reviews were unable to serve their purpose as I was too tired to send them out.  As they say, the best laid plans….

When I posted a review on November 15th, a number of you wrote that it was good to know I was feeling well enough to write.  Those e-mails came from relatives and friends who knew about my illness; other readers, I’m sure, simply thought I was on vacation or taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks.

I’m so glad to be back to my usual good health, reading and writing weekly for Marilyn’s Mystery Reads.  In addition to the usual new year’s wishes for good health and happiness for all, I’m adding the hope that lots and lots of new, wonderful mysteries are published.







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