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February 2, 2013

This About Marilyn column starts the fourth year of my blog.  I’ve written over 180 posts, including About Marilyn columns, Authors‘ biographies, and columns for Past Masters and Mistresses, Golden Oldies, and of course Book Reviews.  It’s been a delight to write these weekly posts, and I look forward to continuing to write in 2013.

Up until now I haven’t reviewed more than one book by the same author.  One of the reasons I chose to feature a different author with each post is to force myself to search out new authors rather than returning to reliable favorites as soon as they published new mysteries.  But, of course, this meant that I didn’t review excellent novels by authors I’d previously written about.  So this year I’m going to blog about whatever books I feel are worth reading, whether or not I’ve written about the authors before.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts about your favorite books at the Reader’s Recommendations section of the blog.


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