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December 1, 2012

Several months after I began my weekly blogs about mysteries, my husband suggested that I write to each author after I reviewed his/her book, letting the author know that the book had been reviewed.  For quite a while I argued that the authors didn’t know me; why would they care?  But Bob persisted, and so I finally wrote my first e-mail to an author.  Much to my surprise, I received a short note thanking me.

Since then I have sent an e-mail to every author whose book I’ve written about, and most have acknowledged my e-mails and posts.  Some responses are short, with not much more than a “thank you,” and that’s fine; I’m simply glad that they read my post.  Others have responded with much longer e-mails, telling me how much they appreciate my piece and complimenting me on some part of it; some have even linked it to their Facebook page.

The New England Mobile Fair, in Newton, Massachusetts, is holding its first annual Gala Mystery Night on Thursday, December 6, from 6 – 9 p.m.

When I found out that two of the writers I’d corresponded with would be there, I wrote to them–Len Rosen (All Cry Chaos) and Steve Ulfelder (Purgatory Chasm)–and said I also would be at the Book Fair and hoped to have an opportunity to meet them.  Within twenty-four hours I heard from both, saying that they remembered me and my review and that were looking forward to meeting me.  The feeling is mutual.

If you missed my reviews of their novels, they’re here on the blog.  Steve Ulfelder now has a follow-up to Purgatory Chasm; it’s The Whole Lie and it’s a terrific read.  And if you live in the Newton, MA area, come to the Book Fair and meet both men on Thursday.

There are also thirty-eight other mystery authors who will be there.  You can find out more about the Gala at this web site:

I expect it to be an awesome night.


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