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About a month ago, my sister e-mailed to tell me about a new bookstore that had opened in the town she lives in.  When she said it was called Mainely Murders, she definitely got my attention.

On Saturday, Barbara Ann and I went to check it out.  Mainely Murders is located in a converted barn/carriage house behind the home of the two women who own it.  Paula Keeney and Ann Whetstone couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful to us.  Paula walked us around the small store, explaining how the books are set up on the shelves–Maine novels, books by “dead American writers” to quote Paula, international mysteries, and niche mysteries such as those specializing in cooking, horse racing, knitting, etc.

The first book I picked up was The Demon of Dakar by Kjell Ericksson.  I had read the Princess of Berundi by him and enjoyed it, so I opened the flap to see how much The Demon was.  I was surprised by the low price and asked Ann how they could sell this $24.95 book for $7.50.  “Well,” she told me, “it’s been read before.”  All the books in the story are used, or pre-owned, or read before, or whatever term you prefer. The books all looked in pristine condition to me, and I could hardly believe that someone (or perhaps more than one person) had read them.  Even the paperbacks looked brand-new.  I guess not everyone reads while eating fried chicken, not mentioning names.

Anyway, I walked out of Mainely Murders with four hard covered books and three paperbacks, for a total of $71.00 dollars. Only the thought of my husband and brother-in-law waiting back at the house for us made me leave the shop.  I don’t know whether I was more excited by having bought three books by authors previously unfamiliar to me or having bought the second book (Trespasser) by Maine author Paul Doiron, whose book The Poacher’s Son I reviewed in June 2010.

At any rate, if you’re anywhere in Maine, especially if you’re close to Kennebunk, check out Mainely Murders.  They have a wonderful web site and newsletter too.


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